Lutterworth Town Council

Serving the people of Lutterworth


(Contact): Town Clerk
Council Offices, Coventry
Road, Lutterworth LE17 4SH

Tel: 01455 550225

Staffing Committee

Committee Members:

Cllr Paul Beadle
Cllr Robert Coleman
Cllr Valerie Cooper
Cllr David Gair
Cllr Simon Hill
Cllr Tony Hirons
Cllr Sue Jamieson
Cllr David Jones

Terms of Reference:

The Committee shall comprise of seven members.


*Refer to Standing Order No 31.
*Refer to the Grievance and Disciplinary procedures where the Staffing Chairman has delegated power to interview informally and appoint two members of the staffing Committee to hear the initial grievance.
*Approval of expenditure to authorise staff occupational health assessments.

5.1 To provide support and guidance to the Clerk in his/her role.

5.2 To provide a management link between the Clerk and the Town Council.

5.3 The Committee will, in consultation with the Clerk, consider the following areas and make appropriate recommendations to the full council.

  • Staffing levels
  • Prioritisation of council resolutions if necessary for staffing issues
  • Job description
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Council policies that affect staff (including Health & Safety issues)
  • Recruitment
  • Training and Induction
  • Holidays/flexible working/time in lieu/overtime policies
  • Sickness policy/Maternity/Paternity Policy
  • Appraisal of Staff
  • Temporary employees
  • Grievance/Disciplinary procedure for staff and councillors
  • Dismissal policy and procedures
  • Industrial Tribunal Policy and Procedure
  • Any other staff or staffing issue which may arise

5.4 Aims

(i) To provide comprehensive policies and procedures for dealing with all staffing matters.

(ii) To ensure that job descriptions and terms and conditions of employment are appropriate to the needs of the Town Council and the staff.

(iii) To provide a framework for the support and guidance for the staff.

(iv) To provide a safe working environment for all members of staff.

5.5 Objectives

(i) To review policies and procedures bi-annually (or when the need arises prior to that date).

(ii) To review job descriptions bi-annually (or when the need is identified because of increased work load).

(iii) To prepare a management structure to deal with issues in a reasonable and meaningful way, that clearly identifies roles and responsibilities.

(iv) To ensure that Health & Safety procedures are maintained and adhered to.

(v) To ensure appropriate training is made available to all members of staff.

(vi) To ensure that appropriate equipment is provided for staff so that they can undertake their employment in safety.