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Open Spaces Committee

Terms of Reference:

The Committee shall comprise of ten members.


4.1 To oversee the operation and maintenance of all town council owned or leased recreation grounds, parks and public open spaces.

4.2 To oversee the operation and maintenance of the cemetery, burial responsibilities and associated duties.

4.3 To oversee the operation and maintenance of the public lavatories.

4.4 To promote community use of all public open spaces owned by the Town Council.

4.5 To submit items within the Cemetery, Parks and Recreation Committee's remit for inclusion in the budget for the following year.

4.6 To deal with all other matters relating to amenities and the environment, including horticulture (trees, bulbs, flowers, shrubs etc).

4.7 Approval of expenditure up to a limit of £5,000 on items within the committee's area of responsibility up to the amount specified in the budget.

4.8 To provide a written report to meetings of the town council on decisions taken by the committee.

4.9 To oversee the Whittle Plane.

4.10 Should any expenditure be proposed from the PSPF Recreational restricted fund, that is not budgeted expenditure, then this expenditure will be submitted to the Administration, Finance and Development Committee before final approval by Council.