Lutterworth Town Council

Serving the people of Lutterworth


(Contact): Town Clerk
Council Offices, Coventry
Road, Lutterworth LE17 4SH

Tel: 01455 550225

Brookfield Ward:

Councillor Robert Coleman, Councillor Bob Howes, Councillor David Jones and Councillor Brian Poulter.

Acacia Avenue, Allfrey Close, Almond Way, Ashleigh Drive, Aspen Way, Azalea Close, Beech Avenue, Blackthorn Close, Blakenhall Drive, Brookfield Way, Cedar Avenue, Conifer Close, Forsythia Close, Greenacres Drive, Hazel Drive, Holly Drive, Honeysuckle Close, Jasmine Close, Juniper Close, Laburnum Avenue, Larch Drive, Lavender Close, Lilac Drive, Magnolia Drive, Maple Drive, Mulberry Close, Pear Tree Close, Pine Close, Robinia Close, Spruce Way, Sycamore Drive, The Hawthorns, Valley Close,Woodlea Avenue, Yew Tree Close.

Orchard Ward:

Councillor Paul Beadle, Councillor David Gair, Councillor Tony Hirons and Councillor Geraldine Robinson.

Alder Crescent, Alexander Drive, Attlee Close, Avery Close, Cherrytree Avenue, Cheshire Close, Chestnut Avenue, Churchill Close, Coventry Road, Cunningham Drive, DeVerdon Road, Elm Avenue, Elmhirst Road, Ferrers Road, Firtree Avenue, Gibson Way, Greenacres Drive, Holly Drive, Holmfield Close, Hunters Drive, Kingsway, Leaders Way, Linden Drive, Manio Crescent, Westbury Court (Manio Crescent), Meriton Road, Montgomery Close, Caravan Park (Moorbarns Lane), Mountbatten Way, Oakfield Avenue, Orchard Road, Palisade Close, Palmer Drive, Popular Avenue, Rowan Drive, Rugby Road, Ryderway, St. John Close, St. Mary's Road, Teddar Close, Townend Close, Watling Street, Whittle Road, Wheeler Close, Willowtree Crescent, Woodbrig Close, Woodmarket, Woodway Road.

Springs Ward:

Councillor Valerie Cooper, Councillor Richard Nunn, Councillor Martin Sarfas and Councillor Bill Zilberts.

Baker Street, Bank Street, Bell Street, Bitteswell Road, Boundary Road, Burton Close, Carlson Gardens, Carlson Terrace, Church Close, Church Gate, Church Street, Council Street, Coventry Road, Farringdon Avenue, Foxfield Close, George Street, Gilmorton Road, Gladstone Street, Goscote Drive, Guthlaxton Avenue, High Street, Hill Drive, Lancaster Close, Leyton Close, Lower Leicester Road, Market Street, Marlborough Place, Marylebone Drive, Mill Grove, Misterton Way, New Street, Newall Close, Orange Hill, Ramsey Close, Regent Street, Riverside Road, Rugby Road, Rye Hill Avenue, Spencer Road, Spring Close, Station Road, St Mary's Road, Stoney Hollow, The Cutchell, Verdonis Road, Walker Manor Court, Woodbine Crescent, Woodmarket, Wycliffe Terrace.

Swift Ward:

Councillor Janette Ackerley, Coulcillor Simon Hill, Councillor Sue Jamieson and Councillor Tracy Shrimpton.

Beaumont Close, Betony Close, Bitteswell Road, Bluebell Place, Burrough Way, Buttercup Close, Byron Close, Canada Fields, Central Avenue, Cowslip Court, Crescent Road, Daisy Close, Dempsey Close, Denbigh Place, Dennis David Close, Douglas Bader Drive, Dunley Way, Dyson Close, Fielding Way, Gale Close, Gloster Road, Harebell Court, Javelin Close, Johnnie Johnson Drive, Ken MacKenzie Close, Lacey Close, Leicester Road, Macaulay Road, Marigold Close, Maxwell Way, Meteor Drive, Noble Close, Page Close, Poppy Road, Primrose Close, Shelley Drive, Sherrier Way, Swiftway, Tennyson Road, Wyclif Way.