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COVID-19 Notice

Lutterworth Town Council have seen reports on social media recently and can confirm that there are currently 59 cases of confirmed Covid-19 in the Lutterworth area. When compared with other areas within the Harborough District, on a pro rata basis, Lutterworth has the third highest incidence of infection (updated Monday 11th January). This is not being said to scare people, it is a fact.

The rules regarding wearing a mask, social distancing and hand washing are specifically in place because they are known to be the best ways to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. The rules regarding not leaving your home other than for legally justifiable reasons are in place to limit contact with others. All of these rules MUST be followed.

We have noted that some people on social media are suggesting that the current rate, as a percentage of our town population, is very small indeed. However, for every person infected many more have to self-isolate as a result of being in contact with an infected person, whether or not they themselves have symptoms. So, if 59 infected people had each been in contact with 5 other people (not difficult when you include family members), that would mean just under 300 people in Lutterworth would either be infected or would have to self-isolate. That equates to approximately 3% of the Lutterworth population. If contact was greater, then obviously the numbers would increase.

The message is clear. This is not scare mongering, and this is not an attempt to make people anxious or depressed.

  1. You MUST stay at home other than for legally acceptable reasons.
  2. If you MUST go out
  • ALWAYS observe a minimum of 2 metres Social Distancing
  • ALWAYS wear a mask in ANY indoor location, or if you must be in close proximity to others whilst outdoors
  • Wash your hands regularly

Let's try to get the figures for Lutterworth down as low as possible, and in doing so we can all help preserve the health of our residents.

Thanks for your help, stay safe.

Posted: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 16:03 by Holly Guy

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