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Grass Cutting

Posted: Fri, 22 Jun 2018 10:19 by Andrew Ellis

Lutterworth Town Council is aware of the unacceptable appearance of Lutterworth's grass these past months and we apologise for this

Some facts:

  • After a cold Spring there was a surge of rapid growth in May
  • Leicestershire County Council Highways pays us for 6 cuts a year which is enhanced to 10 cuts
  • Lutterworth Town Council is responsible for the cutting of Lutterworth Cemetery, Saxon Meadow play and open space, Coventry Road Rec and Crescent Road Rec
  • The contract has not changed nor has there been any reduction in spending
  • This is the last year with our current contractor

So what has your council done:

Regular meetings with the Contractor with progress reports
instructed council staff to help with the grass cutting where possible
Got the contractor to bring in more teams

This should bring the grass under control but we remain vigilant and will take further action if required.

What is your Council going to do:

Review the specification (frequency and coverage) of the annual contract
look at employing own staff to carry out grass cutting in the future

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