Lutterworth Town Council

Serving the people of Lutterworth


(Contact): Town Clerk
Council Offices, Coventry
Road, Lutterworth LE17 4SH

Tel: 01455 550225

Here are some recently asked questions:

Where are the new Lutterworth Allotments?

The new allotments are on the Coventry Road, adjacent to the Fairacres site.

Are there any plots still available to rent?

There are a few remaining plots still available. Please pop into the Town Council office for more details.

Who is responsible for the new Saxon Meadow play area?

The Town Council have now taken over the maintenance of the new Saxon Meadow Play area. The site was inspected by RoSPA prior to handover and the area will be maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

Who cuts the grass verges in Lutterworth?

The Town Council have now taken responsibility of cutting the grass verges in the town and an external contractor has been hired.

Can I pay my Council Tax in the office on the Coventry Road?

All Council tax issues are dealt with by Harborough District Council and most the information you should need, including online forms, can be found on their website; Lutterworth Town Council cannot take payments of any kind for Council Tax.

Can I get bus timetables in the Town Council office?

The best way to get up to date bus information is online at or Alternatively, bus timetables can be found at the bus stops.

How can I get myself onto the housing list?

Harborough District Council deal with all Council Housing requests and issues. Please contact them on 01858 82 82 82.