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Community Grants

The Town Council has statutory powers to make funds available to local organisations for the overall benefit of the town and its residents (General Power of Competence, Localism Act 2011). The Council will consider an application for grant aid from any local, voluntary or charitable organisation where the group's activities can be seen to be of benefit to the town or the greater part thereof.

A total figure for available grant aid will be agreed by the Council as part of the budget for each financial year but this may not necessarily be expended in full.


Requests for grant aid will only be considered from the following categories:

  • A Lutterworth based charity
  • An organisation serving the needs of Lutterworth residents
  • Lutterworth residents requesting grant aid for a project / event, which will be for the benefit of the local community
  • A Lutterworth based club, association or charity organisation serving a specific section of the community or the community as a whole
  • A local or national organisation / group, which serves the needs of the town
  • A local branch of a national organisation / group which serves the needs of Lutterworth residents


In deciding upon individual requests, consideration will be given to:

  • The likely beneficial impact on Lutterworth residents
  • The overall financial circumstances of the group applying for funds
  • The efforts being made by the group to fund its own activities
  • The extent of previous Council support for the group
  • The funds available to cover requests for the remainder of the financial year

Requests will not be considered for retrospective expenditure or to cover activities beyond the current financial year.

Grants are awarded to support individual projects or events and to provide transitional support for local organisations experiencing difficulties. They are not intended to provide permanent support. The maximum grant award is £500.

Application Process

Applications will initially be considered at the monthly meetings of the Planning, Highways and Grants Committee. To ensure that fair and proper consideration may be given to all requests, the Council requires the following to be submitted:

  • A completed application form
  • The most recent income and expenditure account (or a financial projection for the current financial year if a new organisation)
  • Constitution or rules of the organisation
  • Any additional information the organisation considers will support their application

Applicants are asked to note that all recipients of grant aid must confirm in writing that the grant has been used for the purpose for which it was granted. Applicants must within twelve months state in writing the use to which the money has been put and provide receipts / invoices, where appropriate.